General Policy

General Policy

Unless otherwise specified, following terms and conditions apply to all products from this site.

1. Exclusivity – All products on this site will be sold through distributors. If you are an end-buyer, please inquire to your distributor for any questions. If you are an end-buyer and do not have a distributor to talk to, we can recommend one near you.

2. Returns – For returns, prior return material authorization (RMA) is required.

3. AvailabilityWe try to maintain sufficient inventory level. However, due to the nature of fluctuation of order stream, we cannot guarantee that we will keep sufficient inventory at all time. Please inquire us for stock before placing an order.

4. Random sample – EQP applies for following products: 6418, 6421, 6422, 6532, 6542, 6701, 6702, 6703, 6711, 6721, 6801, 6802, 6811, and 6981. For other products, please inquire. Shipping cost is extra.

5. Setup – For spot color, setup cost is 32.00 (v) per color per location unless otherwise specified. For full color, setup cost is 20.00 (v) per location. For laser engraving, setup cost is 10.00 (v) per location. Setup is applied one-time only and is waived for repeat order. No time limit for repeat order.

6. Pre-production sample – EQP plus 10.00 (r) plus setup charge. Setup charge is applied one-time only unless logo is re-designed requiring another plate.

7. Less than minimum – For orders less than the minimum amount shown for pricing, there is a 20.00 (A) fee.

8. Additional color imprint – For spot color, additional color run charge is 0.17 (r) unless otherwise specified. For full color, second side run charge is 0.50 (r). For laser engraving, second side run charge is 0.40 (r).

9. Imprint color – We provide PMS matching service free of charge. For multiple color logo, we can handle relatively tight registration. For logo that looks complicated or includes half-tone, please inquire us before placing an order.

10. Virtual proof – We provide virtual proofs free of charge when requested.

11. Paper proof – We provide paper proof free of charge as a part of the order processing.

12. Order acknowledgement – Paper proof serves as an order acknowledgement.

13. Production time – Most orders are shipped within 5 working days. Due to the nature of production, we can only guarantee production time when agreed prior processing the order.

14. Shipping – Unless otherwise specified, orders will be shipped via UPS GROUND. We also ship via other UPS services, FEDEX services, or DHL.

15. Price – We reserve the right to change price on this site or on our catalog at any time without notification.

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